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Tributes to Mike Penhalagan after American footballer's death

BBC Worcestershire - 10 hours 44 min ago
A mother pays tribute to her son after he took his own life during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Grange prison conditions 'deteriorated after closure news'

BBC Worcestershire - 10 hours 45 min ago
The chief inspector of prisons said the Grange had the worst conditions of any open jail he had seen.
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Coronavirus UK map: How many confirmed cases are there in your area?

BBC Worcestershire - Wed, 07/01/2020 - 16:39
Key graphics explaining how coronavirus has spread in the UK and the government's response.
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Coronavirus: How will local lockdowns work?

BBC Worcestershire - Tue, 06/30/2020 - 16:16
A local lockdown has been introduced to stop the spread of Covid-19 in Leicester - but how will it work?
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100 days of lockdown: Birmingham doctor recalls 'fear'

BBC Worcestershire - Tue, 06/30/2020 - 13:04
Staff at City Hospital in Birmingham recall the 100 days since lockdown began.
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Alex Hepburn's rape conviction upheld at Court of Appeal

BBC Worcestershire - Tue, 06/30/2020 - 10:13
Former Worcestershire all-rounder Alex Hepburn was jailed for five years in 2019.
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100 days of lockdown: Aerial footage shows England's empty spaces

BBC Worcestershire - Tue, 06/30/2020 - 09:07
A look back at the height of lockdown when England's cities and tourist spots stood empty.
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Middlesbrough teen reflects on lockdown as a mum

BBC Worcestershire - Tue, 06/30/2020 - 07:57
Robyn, 17, reflects on 100 days of coronavirus lockdown as a mum to one-year-old Skyla.
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Captain Tom Moore: NHS fundraiser 'lifted lockdown blues'

BBC Worcestershire - Tue, 06/30/2020 - 05:11
How one man became a fundraising hero and helped lift the lockdown blues.
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Coronavirus: Junior doctor keeps pandemic video diary

BBC Worcestershire - Tue, 06/30/2020 - 01:29
Junior doctor Molly Dineen has kept a video diary after graduating early to help fight Covid-19.
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Coronavirus: How those missed off the shielding list have fared in lockdown

BBC Worcestershire - Tue, 06/30/2020 - 01:28
Transplant patients and some with rare lung diseases were initially missed off the shielding list.
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Coronavirus: 'I loaned my pet to someone self-isolating'

BBC Worcestershire - Tue, 06/30/2020 - 01:27
Some dog owners lent their pets to vulnerable people for company in lockdown - so has it helped?
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Coronavirus: Live-in care home staff 'would do it again'

BBC Worcestershire - Tue, 06/30/2020 - 01:20
Staff from an Isle of Wight care home slept in tents to protect its vulnerable residents.
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'Helping makes you realise how lucky you are'

BBC Worcestershire - Tue, 06/30/2020 - 01:18
Here are some of the ways local Facebook groups linked people in need with those who wanted to help.
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Coronavirus lockdown 'helps' Finley Hill after transplant

BBC Worcestershire - Tue, 06/30/2020 - 01:12
Finley Hill underwent a stem cell transplant after the diagnosis of a rare immune system disorder.
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100 days of lockdown: How life changed in the town of Telford

BBC Worcestershire - Tue, 06/30/2020 - 00:16
What's lockdown been like for personal trainer, a student, a rapper and a semi-pro footballer?
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Malvern man jailed for nine years over firearm threats

BBC Worcestershire - Mon, 06/29/2020 - 17:20
Edward Mark Williams was shot and injured by police who were found to have acted proportionately.
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West Midlands Trains adds services as 'demand increases'

BBC Worcestershire - Mon, 06/29/2020 - 15:14
Timetable changes include extra peak-time services between Worcester and Birmingham New Street.
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Huge increase in speeding drivers during London lockdown

BBC Worcestershire - Mon, 06/29/2020 - 03:53
Met Police figures show a rise of 71% in those breaking the limit on London's roads in April.
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Coronavirus: What are social distancing and lockdown rules?

BBC Worcestershire - Mon, 06/29/2020 - 00:36
Lockdown rules are changing so you can now meet people and carry out a wide range of activities.
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